X-Carve Australia 2017 Version

Hi Fellow Aussies,
I am looking at getting an X-Carve 1000mm version :slight_smile:
I am trying to work out what options I have to reduce overall unit shipping costs.
I am happy to make my own waste board, but not sure about the dewalt spindle. I read a few threads about the makita spindle being better, but this was a thread from 2015.
Question: Can i get the dewalt version locally ? Is it better then a makita ?
Using the configurator this is what i am looking at.
Can anyone suggest, what components i can source locally and possibly how i can configure my shipping. Due to finances it will probably have to split the kit over 2 or 3 shipments.

Xcarve Cost Postage

X-Carve Core Components $199.00 $154.26
1000mm Rail Kit $199.00 $88.68
Spindle Dewalt 611 240v $254.00
X-Controller Kit $329.00 $65.38
Steppers Motors - Nema23 $169.00
Drag Chain kit $65.00
Homing switch Kit $25.00
Z-Probe $29.00
Dust Control $199.00 $67.68
Clamp Set $36.99
$1,504.99 $376.00

Total $1,880.99


The Dewalt611, get it locally (may have a different number in AUS?)
The Makita is similar in power/quality, there are two factors that seem to make the Makita a โ€œbetterโ€ choice:
1 - brushes last longer
2 - the minimum rpm is 10k vs the Dewalt 16k

The Makita may also be available at a lesser price than the Dewalt, regional variations may occur.

Thanks Haldor,
I will be more research on the Makita. I suspect i would need to get an adaptor or does it just fit in place of the Dewalt ?

Has anyone had experience with the dust collector, which is the other big ticket item ?