X-carve being held in customs

gday inventables community im from australia and my new xcarve has been shipped and it is now bein held in customs what happens next as i have never imported anything before from the states into australia so i was wondering if anyone can shed a little light on my situation or is anyone experiencing the same thing at the moment

thanks in advance


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In the UK we have to pay import duty before they will release the item. It is 22.5% of the declared item value if over £135. Not sure what the rates are in Australia but I guess you’ll have to pay at least the 10% GST. Not sure if you need to pay the US tax though as they are exporting. Might be worth investigating.


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Contact the shipper, UPS, Fedex etc. You will have to pay import duties and any taxes. This may be directly to the shipper, or who ever is acting as the broker. Once these are paid, the shipment will be released for delivery.

It will depend on who the shipper is as to whether any duty (unlikey) or GST (definitely) is collected.
Fedex will charge you a fee for customs clearance even if one is not actually required. Query any charge they make for this. Not sure about DHL or TNT. All will collect GST.
If it was shipped via USPS then it is at the mercy of Australia Post. Given that the value is over $1000 you will be hit for GST but it’s unlikely there’s any import duty. You might escape GST as well, Auspost seem a bit hit and miss in this area.
Good Luck
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@NattWilliams Have you received a notifications from Customs themselves or is this just from a status on the parcel tracking (assuming Auspost)?
I’ve received packages that have a ‘in customs’ status show on tracking but they have just been delivered as normal, sometimes after an additional delay.

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I have shipped several of my Triquetra Touch Plates down under. Only one customer has stated that it was held for ransom by customs. I don’t know if Inventables prepays the import taxes or not but you may be in for a shock. Here’s hoping that you aren’t.

I don’t know of any supplier that would prepay customs duty or tax.

I doubt there is any import duty on the X-Carve so the OP will at most be up for GST at 10%

As someone pointed out above, make sure you mention that its a kit of parts.
In terms of customs, the courier will look to classify the device (with an import code category), make sure that they know its a kit as they often get it wrong and want to charge duty (mine they claimed was an industrial mill over 20 tones and wanted to charge 20+% duty until I refused and gave them the correct code from the customs web site).

You will have to pay GST and they will charge a processing fee but thats it.

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cheers thanks for the info

How did things go, any news?

all goos sorted it all out had a few dramas declaring it but all good now just waiting for the rest of it to arrive

I just got a letter from Border Farce (sic) today, wanting to know the:

-8 x digital tariff classification and the

-2 x digital stat code “that best describes your goods”.

Can you remember what you used? My brain is melting under all of these Govt website pages that don’t make any sense!

I’ll have a look tonight and see if I can find the filled out form and let you know

Thanks so much!

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I haven’t been able to find the form I used sorry. The biggest thing is to make sure you use a kit code rather than a machine, it makes a massive difference. One attracts import duty and the other does not (or has a lesser amount) from memory