X-Carve bit tool files for Vetric

I am wondering if there exists anywhere a set of the X-Carve bit’s tool files that are compatible with Vectric’s software? I found a thread that had them for Fusion360 but they don’t seem to be the same.

HI Chris,
Here is what I was able to find.



Hey Trevin,

I actually came across that as well. It looks like that is all for Amana bits? I was hoping someone had the actual X-Carve bits.

Thanks for the input thought.


There are no “X carve” bits.
You need to create your own tool library.
Eventually you will have several different makes of tools.

Here are the bits I have purchased from Inventables in the Vectric Aspire tool library format. Hope it imports for you.

Inventables Bits DB.vtdb (116 KB)

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