X-Carve Built, potentially issue with X-Controller

I have everything put together and wired, I did notice something that I was a little concerned about.

The power light on the panel is not lighting up :frowning:
Is this powered by the USB? I haven’t attached it, as I was ill last night and only had the energy to actually wire things up.

The fan runs, the connections are solid, but its untested.

Check your estop

I will, it is more like a button type thing where I thought it was a press and click. So that may well be the answer.

Yeah mine came fully twist locked already. When you push it down it should stay down. If it doesn’t then it’s already down and you need to twist it to unlock it

I had similar issue, take your E stop off, turn it over underneath you’ll see a white stop piece. Make sure that is pressed down. Might have to use a little force to get it down but should sit down approx 1/2 in.

Awesome possum, thanks for the info. Hopefully this afternoon Ill be in a better state of mind to play with it.


The power LED on the front is not tied to the USB. It’s definitely tied to the ribbon cable. Make sure all ribbon cables are secure. The locks engage before the cable is fully seated.

Yeah, they are all seated, id bet at least a nickel but no more than a dime that its the e-stop.