X-Carve carves lighter on one side

For some reason when I do projects my machine carves slightly less deep on the right side of the machine. If I’m doing cut outs it doesn’t quite cut all the through on the right side but does on the left side of the board. Any suggestions on what to look for or adjust on my machine?

Probably your waste board isn’t level. I had the same problem
To check it, using UGS I zeroed off my waste board close to the bottom left corner, then raised the bit, jogged 10cm over and lowered the bit to the waste board again, noting the difference, raise, jog another 10cm and lower again, etc,. Then I moved 10 cm in the y, rinse and repeat. This way I got a map of the level differences, and figured out I needed to skim off 1.4 mm to make the sides match the lowest point. It took a while, but did the trick, If you have a z-probe I imagine it would go much quicker.
Disclaimer: Somebody else probably has a better system, but that worked fairy well for me.

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