X-Carve + Cut3D + UGS?

Hey All,

I wanted to see if anyone had any experience or specific workflows using the X-Carve with Cut3D (sending the gcode with UGS (version 1.0.9)?

To start: I have a X-Carve 1000m and Easel works flawlessly. I can send 2D Shapes to carve and each of the passes line up correctly. I also have sent the gcode generated through Easel over to the X-Carve with UGS and it cuts as expected.

Now the issue I am having revolves around Cut3d (I would like to Carve3D not just 2D. Cut3D appears to be a less costly alternative to Aspire or VCarve for what I am looking for.) I currently have the Cut3D Trial installed and I have downloaded and installed the PostP files for Aspire off of the Inventables website. I have been attempting to send the Porsche.v3d file over to my X-Carve.

The files all transfer fine and I appear to be getting the same paths inside of the visualization for UGS as I was seeing in Cut3d. However when it carves the alignment totally messes up after the first carve layer.

I was wondering if anyone has a workflow that works with Cut3d and the X-Carve? My belts on my machine are tight and the machine carves flawlessly with Easel and any Easel generated gcode that is sent through UGS.

Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in Advance :smile:


I use VCarve Desktop with UGS on a daily basis with no problem. I started with the PP for GCode_Inch but modified it to suit me. I know there’s a bit of difference between the PP for VCarve and PhotoVCarve, so there might be a problem using Aspire PPs with Cut3D. Did you check to see what PPs are in the default list on Cut3D? If it has one named GCode_Inch (or _mm), go with that for starters.

Hey Bill,

Thanks for the suggestion! I switched to the GCode_Inch and the alignment is now looking correct.

Thanks for the help,