X-Carve demo

I am looking for someone who has an X-Carve machine that could demo it. I am looking to see how well it works on a couple designs I have. I posted before but didn’t get anyone close enough. I would like to find someone within 150 mile radius of Indianapolis IN

if you are willing to go 150 miles why don’t you you go another 30 and go straight to the inventables HQ in chicago?

just curious I am in MO so I can’t help

I’m in AK. That rules me out as well.

I would but they don’t do it, I called and asked. Seems like the logical thing for them to do but all they have is sales and warehouses.

I really? I did not know that

heck even if all I had was a warehouse I would let customers come see the operation

maybe there is some insurance regulation not allowing that

very interesting to know though

Have you checked out the recent Live videos on the Inventables youtube channel?

I am in central WI if you don’t mind 400 miles (one way).

@RickShearer if you can make the drive this week to Inventables in Chicago I’ll give you the demo myself. Our Customer Success team is overwhelmed right now because of the increased workload from the Holidays.

PM me to work out a time that will work for you.


I say we all schedule a day to just show up! Call it a CNC March. Ya. Camp out on their doorstep until they let us in.
…maybe after the holidays when they are not so busy …and cold. :wink:

lol yeah let the masses in!!

should we make ourselves picket signs before we show all up?

I think if we did that we should all buy at least 1 thing from them for letting us in

I live in Cali. so I am unable to help ya.
However anyone living in Cali close to me can always visit for a free demo.
Bring some wood and ideas.
I posted a few sites on the forums. Free plans.

Holy crap!

I might drive down for that! LOL!

Zach is the best!