X-Carve Demonstration near South Jersey / Philadelphia

My name is Jonathan and I’m new to the community and I have been mulling over spending the money to order a machine. I was wondering if there are any members in the South Jersey area who would be willing to demonstrate the capabilities so I can see it in person?

Looking forward to meeting one of you!

Hi Jonathan. I just set mine up a week ago, and have gone through the build and fine tuning. I’ve done some basic cutting, v carving and inlays. I’ve also been using V-Carve trial, Easel, Easel Pro, UGS, F-Engrave and other programs. I’m in South Jersey and would be glad to have you stop by.

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Awesome, how do we set this up!

I just sent you a message.

You are also more than welcome to swing by my place.

I only cut wax, but the machine is set up pretty well and runs great.

I’m in Bath (6 miles north of Bethlehem.)


Thanks I appreciate it!