X-carve disconnects when powering shop vac

Hey guys and girls!

I’ve got a problem. My USB connection disconnects whenever I turn on the shop vac (220v, 1200W).
Now, I know this isn’t the fault of the xcarve. The power in this building is rather old. It also disconnects when I (or even my neighbors from the same building) turn on my/their TL lights…

My desktop screen sometimes turns off as well :frowning:

Is there something I can do to protect this power dip/sag? I’m not much into electronics but isn’t there something like a large capacitor I could plug into the power socket near my machine? :slight_smile:


You might look into something like a “UPS surge protector”


This comes up almost weekly, here are 50 related articles:



I had this exact problem, but only with one specific laptop. I fixed it by getting a powered USB hub and new cable.

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Thnx! I’ll look into that :slight_smile: Should have a prehistoric power hub laying around.
If that doesn’t work I also have a spare APC UPS laying around I could play with!

Cheers guys!