X-Carve doesn't carve


I am trying to carve a design out of Easel. However when I am ready to carve, I raise the bit, turn the spindle on and press “Start carving” it just shows the job finished pop up…

The machine doesn’t cut a damn thing…

Any ideas?

Share your drawing here publicly so we can see it, please.

Not sure why a drawing is relevant to anything but ok, here it is.

Same thing is happening to me. Im also having trouble with Easel locking up when trying to copy a project. It gets to 96% and then just stalls. I’ve restarted the computer. It’s gotta be an Easel issue.


I meant your Easel file so we can examine it. If you go to your Easel file, you’ll see sharing options.

My Easel file is the same one I carved yesterday and the day before without any problem.

@NejcTrstenjak: In the “Material” section of your file, the Depth per pass and Feed rate were both “NaN mm”. When I put a value in the block, my machine started carving.

That just happened to me when trying to load a copy of another member’s file. I hit “refresh” (F5) and it loaded OK. Don’t know about that one. Inventables will have to chime in on it.

Just got a message from support, that it was an Easel bug. Should be fixed now.

I’m actually having the same problem. It appears to happen with easel projects that I’ve copied (which is the only way that I know how to do multiple passes and control what gets when and how). I’m wondering the if the bug was actually fixed or has popped up again. Anyone else still seeing this?