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X-Carve Dust Shoe

I need help about Dust shoe

install and setup instructions
and also video from support page

anything other that this you would need to be more specific.

Do you know how to inject dust port in routertable?
And I am looking for Coping Sleds. any buying tips for it?

I currently have an Oliver CNC would that Dust Boot fit on that machine? I hate dealing with the dust everywhere.

I am not familiar with the Oliver Cnc, so I can not say. But the specifications are listed if you wanted to measure and make the decision based on shape and size.

New update dush shoe


That looks excellent!

Maybe its just me, but I would prefer the dust shoe attached to the router, this way as the z axis moves so does the shoe.

each person with his taste I used the shoe dush in the router and it was so much the problem that I got to be my own dush shoe, I explain myself better when the dush shoe is in the router as it is cutting a job the dush shoe is also lowered and sometimes sticks in the material so strong that the machine loses steps, my dush shoe is free of interference and I can change my bit without problems without having to remove my dush shoe?

The dust collection device that is available for purchase with the XCarve is an abomination. Absolute piece of human excrement.


Why do you say that?

While we all appreciate everyone’s comments, the very least you can do is to qualify your statement.
I don’t own the Inventables dust boot, but I do know that it is modeled after the suckit dust boot that I DO own, and I think it’s the best.
Why? you might ask?

  1. Ease of installation
  2. Simple design
  3. Independent from the spindle. (spindle travels through the boot)
  4. Easy on and off to change bits (magnetic)
  5. Great sucktion (using a dust collector)
  6. You can actually see through it to watch the cutter
  7. Most excellent customer service. (just like Inventables)

Your turn…


Never an issue or complaint about the X-Carve dust collection attachment. I’ve found it to work perfectly for year and a half, keeps a clean workshop environment.

I agree with another comment, a dust shoe that doesn’t move with the router in the Z-axis seems wrong in many ways.

I would see that different. A dust boot that moves with the Z-axis seems wrong in many ways.

if it would move with the Z-axis (up and down) then it would change the contact as you cut. this would be problematic as the deeper you cut the closer to the material you would place the dust boot, at some point you would have interference and or contact with the material or worse yet the clamps etc.

with a stationary Z but mobile with the X-Y axis the distance from the clamps and material would be constant and the dust boot follows the cutter as it travels along the path. this makes more sense as it is less likely to interfere with the cut. I have enough problems getting everything correct without another obstacle to worry about like the dust boot catching on a clamp or anything else in the path.

Just my point of view but I would like to know why it would be better to have the dust boot have Z-axis movement up and down as you cut.


I made one when i first got started that was mounted to the router and went up and down with it. I did not like it because as the cut got deeper it put more preasure on the dust boot and you had to stop and reajust it. The inventables one works good it never needs adjusting after it is set.


I own the inventables dust boot. I have operated various commercial CNC’s over the years, all of which have z mounted air actuated dust extraction. The amount of moving parts associated with those dust extractor setups is exhausting, not to mention overly expensive. The problem is it needs to move accordingly with the Z spindle, if the spindle lowers the dust boot is going to want to compress unless it has some sort of circumstantial give function… in my case using the stock clamps I would worry about it it contacting said clamp… where as right now I can set it to ride just over the tops. Ive made the mistake of not adjusting height on the dust boot… one time it was too high for the shallow bit and busted out the plate… another time it was set too low for the material and slowly pushed the router out of alignment. Ive just changed my order of operations to accomadate the need of adjusting height… and havnt had a problem since. This boot, linked to a dust deputy on a 20g bucket, then to a 2hp shopvac is all the dust extraction my x carve requires. I

Never had a problem,…probably user error…

I’ve found it catches on many of the various hold down clamps provided with the XCarve package I purchased.
My specific frustrations come from Using smaller exotic materials/woods with somewhat intricate carves. I’ve used the shortest clamps and still have had the dust collection system (brushes) catch and cause either cause the router to come out of alignment or pull the brushes out of the acrylic base, thus resulting in a failed carve and a piece of expensive material

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