X-Carve/Easel and circles

There must be a way to get this machine to cut better circles. Small circles less than half an inch are always messed up. Are there resolution settings I can tweak somewhere?


Take a look through the forum and run a search for “circles”. There are threads talking about this very thing.

The short answer to your question is, yes there are things you can do to make circles and other shapes come out right.

I think my belts are not tight enough. I’m off to find a fishing scale today.

A $5 fish scale from Bass Pro showed me my belts were way under tensioned. Under 2 lbs.

Ok, I have figured out the cause of all my problems and it was my mistake.

I’m posting my dumb mistake just in case it helps someone with a similar issue.

During assembly, I somehow missed the video tips on belting to use wire ties or heat shrink tubing to lock the ends together. My belts wer just coming loose no matter how much I tightened them :confused: