X-Carve - Easel & Computer Question


Once I hit ‘Carve’ within Easel is all the carve info sent to the Controller and then the computer is no longer utilized?

I ask because there are times where my family would like to use my laptop while I am doing a carve.

I just don’t know how much the computer is needed after the carve is started.


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In my experience the answer is a resounding “NO” what happens when you hit the carve button your computer sends segments of a g-code file, these segments are sent in small blocks as the controller doesn’t have enough memory to hold the entire g-code file.

Ok makes sense but I thought I would check.

Thanks guys!


the computer needs to stay connected, with easel ( or USG) running. You will also want to set the computer to not “go to sleep” or “hibernate”. During long carves having the pc go to sleep on you will cause the x-carve to drive off in random ways…

There was someone on here that was using one of those cheap $40-80 Windows Tablets to run the x-carve… or even a sub $100 used laptop on Ebay can be workable.