X- Carve Easel stand alone running question

Hello all, I just got my X-Carve assembled and I am ready to start it up but I do not have internet in my shop,
Can I download Easel onto my computer and take it to the shop and run or do I need a UGS in my shop computer.
I purchased V Carve Pro with my X-Carve and I am going to design with that.
running an internet connection to my shop is not an option at this time,
This is all new to me so any help is appreciated, thanks

Create your gcode in V-Carve and save it to a USB drive then use UGS on the computer connected to the X-Carve to send the Gcode file to the X-Carve.

Easel requires an Internet connection to load, once loaded it may be fine without a connection, but I would not want to take a chance that it might have an issue.

Is there any issues on the start up with X-carve and a USG that I need to know about? Calibrating, etc…

You will need Easel to setup the X-Carve the first time you use it.