X-carve electronics

In the introduction video, you seem to hint on something new coming. Is there a possible date that we might hear about that? Just wondering…:slight_smile:

This is the announcement:

We don’t have an official launch date yet. We are still waiting on parts to be delivered.

Hey Zach,

Do you know does that work with other driver boards (ie: hobbycnc boards)?

I don’t know. It is a shield designed for the Arduino.

Is there any more info on the brushless spindle being used and the VFD? I had this question in mind, weather there will be an option for a spindle upgrade, something water cooled? I’m really glad to see this is actually in the plans.

Check out the Spindle Stats thread

Would it be possible to adapt something like the spindle in this ad? Seems like a good price for both spindle and VFD. It’s also using an ER-11 collet.


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