X-Carve enclosure ideas and designs

I am looking to make an acoustic noise muffling enclosure for my machine, 1 to obviously reduce the noise of the machine and 2 to keep the dust and shavings contained. I am working on an enclosure made of mostly and plexy glass with soon noise reduction foam or room correction foam to absorb most of the sound. I want to know if anyone else is planning to make an enclosure, and how your designing/ making yours.

Here’s a skeleton of what I’m playing around with in sketchup. My plan is a big enclosed cabinet with the electronics underneath the x-carve in some sort of drawer. I’ll maybe put a shop vac on the very bottom with the hose running up the back for dust collection.

Here are some links to enclosures people have made in the past:

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here is what i have come up with so far, may change depending on how im feeling, but i will have a base with a shop vac enclosed and sound dampening foam to lower the noise. also as standard with most machines a kill switch, would like an mulitmeter which could display both voltage and amps, led strips on the inside, i would also like to include maybe a thin copper pipe and have it right at the base of the spindle for lubrication when machining soft metals or cf, different ideas i want to incorporate into my enclosure

I was planning a simple enclosure using acrylic sheets. The hinges and connectors will be printed from ABS. Not great for noise suppression, but more for containing dust from composite materials.

Maybe in additon to a shoe, sit the x-carve on top of peg board for a crude down draft table.

Actually… The smaller X-Carve might fit in a $13 large cement mixing tub (24x30x7") from the local hardware store. Invert a second tub, replace the bottom with clear acrylic sheet. Could make a MDF spacer between the tubs if not tall enough or to create enough space for a drop in the peg board and a short frame… :slight_smile: