X-carve error

gday guys iv run into a bit of a problem i keep getting a message that reads as follows detected error communicating with the machine and i cant figure out what it could be iv restarted the machine and my laptop and when i fire it back up all is good for a few minutes i run the homing cycle and all is good the i send g28 to the machine and then that message comes up but still runs the cycle and sometimes it just comes up by it self has this happened to anyone before all my settings seem to be right although this morning i was playing around testing out some feed speeds could that have anything to do with it could i have ran it to quick iv have also done a new machine set up hoping to start fresh but still no luck iv made sure all connections to x-controller and to stepper motors are right iv also tried $20=1 for sof stop but makes no difference im at a loss here and dont know what to do any advice will be much appreciated

i just use g28 to send the machine to the back right hand corner of the machine but i was using it to run a cycle im very new to cnc should i not be doing this ?

so ill do a carve then it will home back to zero then i send g28 to send it to z790 x790 to move the machine out of the way while i retrieve my project

i have done probably done 10 to 15 carves now an all of a sudden it has started to do this not sure if me playin with the feed speeds this morning might have caused this issue i can override the error so i can gain back control bit the message is still there

lost steps ?

x controller

so this happened after a carve but sayin that i may have been pushing it a bit to far and there is something mechenically wrong so ill give the whole machine a once over tomoro and let you know how i go and hopfully it is somthing as simple as a loose belt or v-wheel or somthing

problem solved i went right over the machine this morning everything is sweet then next minute alarm comes back up turns out it was a frequency issue the whole time as im running a cnc plasma cutter on the other side of the shed and it wasnt playin ball with the x-controller so a simple fix i had to earth out the x-contoller so i took a screw out of the back of the casing and got some sandpaper and rubbed a bit of paint off where the screw hole is and ran a light earth cable down onto my shed wall problem solved thanks once again phill for your advice

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so when i was running my cnc plasma cutter and only then was it sending out that alarm
earthed x-contoller now all is good

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hey phill what do you reckon the best program would be to use im only using easel at the moment

Phil I tried to download halftone 1.6 and got a warning from Norton saying it was not safe, blocking it. What are your thougths, is it safe and how do I get it past my security software?

PS; I am impressed by all your input on the Inventable forum.

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Norton is free from my cable provider.
I may try AVG, my employer uses a commercial version of AVG on all PCs.

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