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It would seem that inventables are being really petty and have been sending legal action letters to X carve facebook groups. Are they really so stupid as to threaten these groups that sole purpose is to help X carve owners get more out of their machines. Could it be that the most common piece of advice is to ditch Easel and use something like V carve and picsender.

Hi @CliffPhillips,

Thanks for your message. We reached out to all of the X-Carve related groups on Facebook after we had several customers call in because they were being told one thing in these FB groups and another from Inventables. To help with confusion, we asked all of the Facebook groups to simply add a small statement that they are not affiliated with Inventables in their About section, hoping this would help with customer confusion. Most groups happily complied, but we did have our team reach out to the groups that refused.

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You didn’t ask… you threatened legal action against them if they didn’t. Thats pretty much the lowest thing you could have done. And I saw in one you telling them what they can’t say beyond that. That action has made me suggest other companies.

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Just FYI, One group admin that already had a disclaimer was threatened with legal action, so just like whomever at Inventables who started this actionand the attorney who did not bother to check, how do you expect that the Facebook users would also, Maybe you would prefer that the 10’s of '000s of Facebook group members should call Inventables whenever they have a question or come to this forum where your most prolific advise givers do not even own an x-carve? These Facebook groups only exist because of the way this forum has been handled over time. Your actions have angered MANY of your userbase and they voted with their feet.

Or could it be that people are pointing out better quality machines for similar price from other companies? Inventables would be better served by improving their product instead of wasting money on attorneys

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“Reach out” ? You mean “threaten with legal action” don’t you? Very poor form Inventables. You should be ashamed of yourselves!

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I didn’t know Facebook had an X carve group,
Does someone have a link?
I would like to take a look at it.

There are a number of xcarve user groups on Facebook…None of them are by Inventables.

Reaching out is the new term for threatening legal action. Inventables should hire the men and women who started these groups they save you a untold amount of money from labor because this forum is a joke and the idea of getting help directly from inventables is a bigger joke, When ever I have needed help and tried to use the chat bot all I have get help with is raising my blood pressure, Never have I been offered support but I sure do get a lot of offers to buy more stuff, apparently the only service that is offered is sales. Every day when I log into easel the first thing on my screen is about buying easel software which I already own. Yet ever time I log in there is the screen telling me to buy something. If it had not been for the facebook groups I would have already donated my machine and bought a real cnc with a company who offered real customer service. The real reason those letters were sent out is someone from Invetables seen all the members upgrading their machines or buying other companies machines and selling their xcarve off. That is what Invetables doesn’t like seeing. I understand that but how about you fix this ■■■■ poor software and make the machine out of something stronger then cardboard. It is sad that I spent nearly $3800 buying machine and software and bits etc and now less then a year later I have less then 40 hours on my machine until about a month ago when I discovered facebook groups. But now I have to spend another $800 buying parts to upgrade my machine to make it do what I was told it could do stock. Inventables needs to get on their game or I will continue to tell people not to buy a xcarve and to by a far superior machine for basically the same money


Facebook sounds like a grumpy place.


In my opinion, based on having been on this forum for a long time, there were several very grumpy people that zoomed off to form their own Facebook groups, forums, or whatever because they were scolded for being jerks with almost every post. I mean, you should be welcoming to new people who are most likely experiencing CNC for the first time not chastising because they did not search for a post where you answer the same question six months ago. That was a huge problem a couple of years ago; a few people felt that they had to answer every question apparently, but seemed to get very angry when the question was asked more than once by more than one person at different times. I mean the search feature is definitely useful and people should use it, but some people do not even know where to start with what to ask.

This forum, in my opinion, should definitely have some nice, polite, and dedicated user-moderators. I have been a moderator on a programming forum now for eleven years and keeping the forum nice and informative helps to maintain it as one of the best places to go for help and general discussion of the language.

In my opinion, people that purchase an X-Carve and expect it to mill material as if it is a Tormach, Haas, or Kern Microtechnik. I mean the machine is made of aluminum, and Inventables does not hide that at all; the designs are even open-source. One can mill a myriad of materials with the X-Carve, even materials harder than aluminum. You just have to understand the limitations of the machine and optimize the tool-path/feeds & speeds to allow the cutter to do the work without placing too much stress on the machine.

As for whatever “legal action” was threatened, I cannot say that I blame any company for demanding that a non-affiliated entity inform people of their non-connection to the company.

People should generally leave their grumpiness at the login screen. If one feels like it a burden to answer someone’s question or attempt to help then why would you do it? Furthermore, if people really want to be grumpy just shoot me a PM; I have plenty of weeds in my garden that you can scream at all day long while you pull them out. :laughing: :rofl:

We should all just be nice and if anyone doesn’t want to be here simply DON’T be here.


Brandon Parker


I was lurking long before that happened. I remember quite clearly. There are bullies here that the admins wouldn’t deal with. Those who stuck up for themselves got booted. The others, including the most helpful people, left because the admins made the wrong move. I completely agree with them. This place was toxic. Now, its a ghost town.


Well, I consider the toxicity to be from some of those that were booted and/or decided to leave themselves. I mean, you can only be a jerk for so long in a public forum.

Either way it does not matter; this place is a place for X-Carve owners (and others) to discuss their machines and milling experiences in a friendly manner.

I think we should leave the discussion at that and get on with being productive with whatever machine we choose to use.


Brandon Parker

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Then I guess you missed the point of the post.

Yes and they must be selling upgrades too.
Must be good KoolAid over there.

Yes there are, well worth a look if want to improve your x carve experience. Like any face book groups you will find a few arseholes but you will also find invaluable advice and a lot of really helpful people.

You would not know if you are not a member of any of the FB groups…so, it’s just your uninformed opinion, which is most common on this forum.


Sorry, to clarify…in my uninformed opinion, Facebook seems like a grumpy place.