X Carve Folding Table Securing Question

What are folks using to secure their x carve to the table top for the folding table?

I made some tabs that insert into the open ends of the extrusions and screwed the x-carve down to the table. It does work, but it’s not as good as it should be. I bought some nuts that fit into the sides of the extrusions and I was planning on bending some brackets to place down the sides of the x-carve. I haven’t got around to it yet because I’m planning on doing some upgrades first. I’ll post up some pictures when I do.

I just screwed down through the spoil board and into the table in the four corners. I have another piece of sacrificial MDF on top of the factory one so there is no risk of hitting one of these screws with a router bit.

nice and simple, no harm there.