X-Carve for businesses of any size

The White House just contacted me about their “Week of Making” June 12-18 2015. We are preparing a big announcement and I need some help from the community.

Is anyone willing to share their story of how they currently use or plan to use X-Carve in their business or University?

At Inventables we believe the economy is going through a transition. There is a rise in what I call the Independant work force. Some people call this the freelance economy. Other industries have already been transformed. Brick and mortar retail got transformed by ecommerce. Who would have thought that ETSY, Shopify, EBay and others would be supporting billions in transaction volume from Independant merchants while traditional stores like Circuit City and Borders are gone.

Office real estate is changing too. Co-working spaces are growing faster than traditional corporate offices. Companies like We Work provide shared work environments that are being leased by smaller startups and individuals. They are providing the amenities many large corporate offices have to small companies.

Transportation is being transformed too. Technology companies like Uber and Lyft have already transformed the industry making it possible to make extra money by driving when it fits in your schedule in your own car. This is making it possible for many people to supplement their income on their terms. You don’t need to be a full time Cab driver anymore to make money driving people around.

I believe manufacturing is next. We had a customer drop by that has a full time job but paid his mortgage last month from profit he made selling parts made on his machine. I believe this is just the beginning. Manufacturing is over 2 trillion dollars, 12% of the GDP.

I think X-Carve and Easel can play an important role in helping people do Independant manufacturing because they are affordable and easy to use compared to traditional manufacturing equipment.

If you have made money selling parts off your machine or aspire to make money reply to this post with the product or service you provide. Links or pictures would really help.

I’ll read through them to see if any could be appropriate to highlight as part of our announcement.



I’d like to start by saying I’m only 18 and bought the x carve to make multirotors I’ve designed and planning to sell. I opened a business named Envision- Rc. I’m still new to the cnc world but I’m learning quickly and will be cutting carbon fiber in a couple weeks when I find the right bits to use. I should have my first model soon. And should be test flying by mid summer and selling airframes by next year. Below is a test cut I tried, I call it the Expeditioner tricopter.


I’m on the brink of ordering an x-carve machine and use my current diy machine as a back-up/secondary machine. I work 50 hours a week or so as a master tech auto mechanic, and have been playing with this cnc stuff as a hobby for the past 1.5 to 2 years now when I’m not turning wrenches.
I have gotten to the point in the learning curve that I am selling quite a few of my “parts” and starting to establish a nice supplemental income. Although I don’t forsee me ever being able to quit my job and rely on this as primary income, one can aspire :smile:

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I am a model engineer and I build model marine propulsion systems. I have a machine shop with manual and CNC machines.
I have designed and built the steam engines for the 1/32 scale model of the stern wheeler W. T. Preston. At present I have the vessel in my shop installing the engines. Here is a link to the build thread on RCgroups I am phoneman2005 on the thread.


I plan to expand to providing CNC services for cutting frames, hull plating, pilot houses and superstructures, decks etc.

I just ordered my machine yesterday with materials to expand it to 1000 X 1800 X 117 so I can cut parts for bigger vessels.


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