X Carve Fusion 360 cuts too shallow

I am somewhat new to the X carve and fusion 360, and have been having trouble cutting out projects. I am trying to cut some gears from 1/4" mdf and from what I can tell I have everything set up correctly. When it comes time to make the cut however, the machine only goes about 1.6mm deep. I have already tried modifying the stock set up (ensuring the WCS is in the bottom right corner), and the cut heights. If anyone could maybe point out something I’m doing wrong I would very much appreciate the help.

Is your WCS based off the wasteboard or the top of your stock? I’ve made the mistake of having it based on the wasteboard but setting Z0 on top of the stock which will produce a shallow cut.

I’ve based the WCS off of the bottom of the stock, should I have set it to the top?

It’s all relative. If your wcs and “heights” in fusion are based off the bottom of the stock then your Z0 should be there as well. Typically I set everything from the top of my stock in the lower left hand corner unless I need to move it for some reason. As long as your work zero is in the same place as your WCS is, you should be good to go.

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Under Setup4 -> Edit do you have stock offset = 1mm?