X carve getting lost, uncentered circles etc

i had some problems before with the x axis pulley slipping so i glued it and it fixed the problem. but now i seem to have a similar problem again. yesterday i did some pretty rough carving while making a mold in some plastic, i had my feed rate too high and belts too loose so it started skipping. i tensioned my belts and lowered the feedrate and it seemed to work again. after that i staret carving my usual stuff again with feed rate and low depth and i noticed that it could stay on path anymore.

I remade in paint what it should look like and how it ended up looking, those were the exact shapes that i was carving

how it should look like to the left

i tried to watch the x axis stepper motor shaft to see if the wheel was loose but it seemed to be turning along with the stepper motor shaft.

any ideas on what it could be or how to troubleshoot

Check your belts for damage. If the belt was slipping you could have damaged the teeth on the belts.

thanks for the answer, could be I’m gonna take a look tomorrow. but i did several carves on diffrent places on the board and it alwas did this