X carve goes crazy

Has anyone had their x carve go way off path as it starts to go deeper? Like the first 2 passes are fine but then it’s like its possessed then goes off path.
I’ve been trying troubleshoot this issue since yesterday any help would be appreciated.

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It happens to me too.
Do not know the answer.
I hope you and I find out.

This sounds like one of two usual culprits:
Loss of Steps
Design Element that was overlooked

Your description sounds more like the first one…
Loss of steps is most likely to occur when the carve is set too deep too fast (if possible can you share the easel project that this is occuring with - In Easel go to Projects>Share and change it to unlisted and copy that link)
OR the machine is out of calibration (loose vwheels or belts)


I adjusted the belts per XC adjustment and periodic maintenance. It’s happening with the basic of shapes from the design library. So I’m stumped. This happened at the end of the day of carving (Xmas orders).

I am having this same issue. It was working fine yesterday and today I am trying to cut circle to make snowmen and it’s freaking out in the same spot. I have attached the pictures. I also looked and check to see if things were square and it looks like the z axis is a little off but I don’t think it should make the machine act like this. I tried the first couple with the ramp function and did a depth per pass of .08 and then just did a vertical cut and went all the way down to .05 and it still had an issue. I also notice when I move the z axis up and down on my own it sometimes will sometimes get stuck a pass or 2 and then will just jolt down. I am wondering if that could be the issue. I checked all the screws and bolts in the back and they seem to be in the correct position.

I am sharing the link to part of my project: Easel - Untitled

Any insight would be great …

Thank you

I’d also check for a Gcode that isn’t supported by Grbl or a code that contains an error in syntax. Codes that are not supported can get passed by and that could start problems, at least from my experience. This of course is probably only earmarked for people that use other drawing programs with other post processors.

@WoodworkingRules, are you using an X-Carve? The Automatic Settings in the file with the circle should definitely not be causing issues for a properly assembled X-Carve.


Brandon Parker

I am using an X-carve …I had to add my bit into the list of inventables bits but I am just using a 1/4 inch straight bit …I even slowed the cut depth down ( from automatic ) to see if that would do anything but it did not.

I am just using the circle option from the Easel program , not my own …just changing the size and material…

Megan- I am the other person in the thread with the same issue. I called and spoke to customer service the other day and she told me to try a lot of things.

  1. Check your electrical components and make sure everything is tight and connected in the x-controller. Please make sure you turn the machine off for this part.
  2. She said to check all the wheels and belts to make sure they were calibrated correctly.
  3. She said to make sure that your wires of the z axis on the part have some slack from the drag chain. She said if they are too tight that they can get pinched.
  4. She told me to make sure my z axis was squared to the wasteboard. I went a step further and go a level and made sure it was all level.
  5. She told me to make sure that everything was clamped down tightly. If the boards are a bit warped or anything to plain them. I have been using painters tape and glue as well to make sure mine don’t move.
  6. She told me to make sure the z axis was set at the proper place. Pretty much the bottom of the carriage to be flush with x axis.
  7. She told me to try some different feed rate and depth per pass.

For me , the vibration is much better today after trying all of this. I have not had another blow out but I am also sitting right next to the machine and watching it like a hawk.

You may have already done all of that already but hopefully maybe there is something useful to your situation !

Ok so on mine I had do almost half a turn on all 3 of the potentiometers inside of the X controller. It has substantially improved my carves.

Thank you everyone for helping I hope that this helps the others that need help.

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