X-carve hole jerk

When cutting smallish holes, say 1/4" or less (with an 1/8" bit) the movements that the X carve makes to accomplish this seem rather jerky. For example, I am cutting a secondary wasteboard and all of my holes have a small tick along the inside edge of each circle. Each hole has them, and they are all in the same spot. Everything else cuts smooth and normally. Is this hole issue a function of the tool path made in Easel…? Bit runout…? X or Y axis need to be stiffened…? Any one else experience this…?

I know you are having this issue, and I wish I had an answer, but I dont.

But the first thing I thought of when I saw that title was…

William: X-carve hole jerk!

X-carve: No I’m not, you’re the hole jerk!


Oh yes, playful title intended…

Can you try this and see if it helps:

Measure the bit you are using with calipers and input that number as the size bit you are using. You may find that a 1/8" bit might actually be .112" instead of .125"

It may help your issue or it may not, but it is worth a try. I usually find I get more precise holes and details out of a tool path tailored th the exact size of the bit.

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It’s normal, because using same Feed rate to do pocketing the hole. It’s too fast for such small pocket. You can separate holes from others, change your Feed rate to very slow, it doesn’t jerk anymore. If hole is same as your bit size, it goes in and out, no jerking. But if hole is little bigger than that, starts making circle to match the size. Like you’re driving car 50 miles an hour and trying to turn corner with same speed.

Great feedback all…Thanks…!!

You just answered my other Q about actual size of bit ( they not 125)

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ok to build on that i am trying to cut 1/8" holes with a 1/8" cutter and it does the jerk thing as well, am i missing something in the setup?

What’s your feed rate per minute, also is it mm or inch.? Looks like there is a hair thick difference between your bit and hole size.

feed rate i think is 30mm sec and i run my machine in inch mode so it ma be 30 in/m and i set it up for 1/8" bit

When you’re making pocket for holes, I recommend 5 ipm. You can speed up to higher numbers for normal cuts depends on depth. Feeds and speeds are the key for successful carving. You have to experience by starting very slow and shallow at the beginning. Materials you’re cutting, bit size, all must be matching. There is calculation for that on the internet if you like to search. Also never forget, we have belt driving system. That means if you read some recommendation somewhere, cut those numbers down at least 60% for your equipment w/stock spindle. Hope gives you some heads up.