X-Carve in Australia

Sorry for a slow reply Christian. Yes - I bought an X-Carve during their Black Friday sales a month or so ago. I’m waiting for one last box to arrive then I should have a complete x-carve.

The sale very much motivated me - they offered free international shipping. I’m not sure how often they have these sales, but it definitely saved me a few hundred bucks.

I’m in Perth if you’re looking for a little local info…

Me too. But my X-carve is running out of original parts if you want to see one as it comes out of the box. :slight_smile:

Topic bump - just recently ordered the 750mm X-Carve to Sydney, Australia. Shipping went mostly without a hitch, ordered everything except the waste board. Shipping in the end was around $350 ($270USD), and everything was split into 3 separate deliveries all arriving about 1 week apart (I received my final package around 5 weeks after placing the order)

NOTE: I didn’t realise this at the time, if you skip out on the wasteboard, you also skip out on the wasteboard kit which includes the T-slot nuts and M5x12 button head screws you need to actually attach your own wasteboard to the included rails! Make sure you check out the bill of materials on the instructions page http://x-carve-instructions.inventables.com/750mm/

In the end Inventables were very helpful and sent the screws and T-slot nuts free of charge, but make sure you check with them if you are planning to make your own wasteboard.

My experience with them has been horrible.
First I contacted them about the shipping issue (as so many people have commented above) and was made to feel like an immoral criminal for even suggesting such behavior. So I had to go through the base package item by item to find everything that can be removed & purchased individually (at an increased price) to effectively achieve the same thing.
Finally, I placed my order on Thursday night to my work address. On Monday morning, we were all made redundant and the company shut down & locked its doors. As my order was in pre-shipping & likely sitting in their warehouse awaiting collection, I contacted them about changing the shipping address & was told nothing can be done as that option is only available domestically.
Best case scenario, I’ll end up with half a CNC machine.

Hi @Astrolite I’m sorry to hear that you lost your job and also that you had a bad experience with us.

It looks like the order shipped with USPS and they don’t allow changes to international shipments once they leave our facility.

I’ve forwarded this to our head of Customer Success to take a look into the situation and see if there is anything else we can do to improve this situation.

Thank You, I have already been in contact & all that was able to be done was a redirection of a clamp set from the order yet to be sent. Which I appreciate.
Just to clarify, why did so many people have the impression you would be happy to individually invoice parts of the same order if that’s not the case?
I still intend on getting the remaining parts at a later date if I manage to get the bulk of the order.

Also, my job sucked. More concerned about the possibly difficult to obtain delivery.

It’s completely unacceptable for you to have a horrible experience with Inventables. We take this kind of thing very seriously in our Customer Success department. There will be an investigation.

I’m not aware of this policy. Was it explained to you by an Inventables employee? If so do you know who you spoke with directly?

No, no. It was just suggested multiple times by posters above in this very thread. As though it would just be a simple matter of making contact. The delivery issue is very unfortunate, but seems to be more of a problem with USPS policy. You’d think it would be a simple case of an email or logging into your shipping account or something. Apparently not.

My experience with inventables was great. I ordered the complete package including the dust collector and waste board. It came in 4 separate shipments. The dust collector been the last shipment.
Inventables kept me in the picture as to the hold ups due to waiting on parts. Overall from order to finished delivered was about 4 months. to my front door. Eastern Australia.

(Actually with the more deliveries, I saved the GST, due to the smaller invoice amounts.)

Upon assembly, I was missing a couple of things like, limit switch and end plates, which I took photos of and emailed inventables. Straight away they responded and sent the needed, missing parts.

I run the Dewalt 240v router with not problem except for the collets. I had to purchase a 3mm and 6mm collet to use my 3mm and 6mm cutters.

A few simple learning curves using easel and away it went. Simple adjustments on feeds and speeds
and mostly good.

(please note…I have other CNC machines and used to work with CNC’s plus I use other programs such as AutoCAD and Bobcad, with mach3.)

So overall, I would pat inventables on the back and say job well done.



How, they just said they don’t do that?

At the time of order, all the parts were not available. So they sent most of the gear ( I assume what they had in stock) on the first shipment.

Then, I assume, as parts came in, Inventables sent them to me

Sure it would have cost, Inventables, more in freight chargers, but they kept the customer happy by sending what they had

Also, I was not in a hurry, so the delivery was not really delayed that much.
I am also into manufacturing, so I understand and relate to delays and things out of my own control.


Hi @Astrolite in response to this situation our team reviewed the case and created this official support article explaining the policy around customs or import duty fees.

I’m sorry there was confusion during this process for you.

Hey David, I’m in Perth and would like to get in touch with you somehow.

@Zach_Kaplan thanks for the email today. Looking forward to arrange the 750mm very soon.

Sound, from what i hear on YouTube and this Forum that X Carve is the way for me to go.

Hi all, I realise this forum has been quiet for a while as I assume everyone eventually got their x-carve and are happy CNC’ing away.
With the recent upgrades that have been announced, I was wondering if any Australians are looking to upgrade their machines to the more powerful motors, the 9mm 3GS belts and the new Z axis head unit. While the price is reasonable, the postage to Australia is half the price of the upgrade kit!
Has anyone used a freight forwarding service from the US and found a cheaper shipping cost? At $449 the full upgrade kit is reasonably priced but the extras postage is a killer?
I’m in Sydney BTW.

Hi Noel. I sourced the 269oz motors and belts online, not through Inventables. You can get a Z axis upgrade from here: Z linear rail upgrade for X-Carve / XYZ Carve - Adam's Bits
They are in Melbourne. Hope this helps.