X Carve in Dallas area

Hi. I am contemplating buying a X-Carve 1000mm. Most of the my usage will be late evenings so I was hoping someone on this forum lives in North Dallas area, who might let me hear the machine running. I don’t want to be nuisance to my neighbors with noise; poor folks already have to put up with my table saw and occasional planner running.

Appreciate any help or feedback on noise.

Oh and also, is small regular woodshop dust collector good enough for X Carve?

The noisiest part of the machine will the spindle. If you use a trim router it can get fairly noisy. I’ve heard DC spindles are much quieter. Speed control I’ve heard helps also.

This has some setups, such as enclosed boxes, to give you some ideas:

Regular dust collector should work fine. Search for dust shoe, or suckit on the forums.

My dust collector makes a heck of a lot more noise than my XCarve.

Thank you guys. I’ll have to build a cabinet on locking casters and put mine on it as I have small garage shop with all the other woodshop tools.

Thank you for help. Still, if anybody in Dallas area can let me take a listen, I’d appreciate it. I know there is someone in Arlington posted his for sale on Craigslist, but I don’t want to take advantage of that pretending to wanna buy his.

Not near as loud as my dewalt planer

I’m in North Dallas. PM me if you want to drop by.

I second that my Shop Vac is much nosier than my X-Carve.

+1 on the Shop Vac screamer…

Thank you all. I appreciate the info. Richard graciously agreed for me to visit and look at his router as well.