X-Carve in Jackson, MS area

Any X-Carvers in the Jackson, MS area.

I’ve been there.

Good place!

got an uncle in pearl…

Is your uncle an X-Carver? I haven’t purchased my X-Carve and was looking for someone in the area where I could go see, feel and touch a machine before I purchased.

Not a chance, At his age I dont think he would Know how to turn a computer on, let alone use it… :wink:

I have a 1000mm shapeoko2 in laurel ms

Nice to know you Chuck. I guess we are the only ones in Mississippi that are involved with X-carve. I do not have a machine yet, but will purchase one as soon as the X controller become available in April. I plan on purchasing a 500 X 500 with a Dewalt 611. I spend all my free time on the internet reading the X- carve forum. Hope I am able to learn something by the time I get mine.

Cool my machine went down over the weekend. Have to gets new arduino and gshield. But may wait for the x controller also.