X-carve is making "walls" when cutting


My X-carve is making “walls” when cutting HDPE with an 6mm 1-flute cutter from Kyocera.

Any advice?

Did you pick the right size bit? Measure you bit and double check what you told the machine you had.

Hmm… the cutting diameter seems very off from the 6mm in the datasheet.

I have this: https://www.kyocera-unimerco.co.uk/kyocera/metal/milling-tools/solid-end-mills/ordinary-end-mills/h788.0600/

My caliper measures the shaft to be true 6mm, but I am having a hard time measuring the 1-flute cutter - I measure it to be around 5,46 - 5,47mm … hmmm.

I can also get it to measure 5,68mm… sigh :slight_smile:

I usually do a strait cut in scrap material and measure the cut to get an accurate measurement.


Eh… might seem like a stupid question… but how? … If I make an 100x6mm straight line, Easel wont let me cut it.

make a line and cut on the line

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Ahhh Line tool… Got’ it :smiley: … Thank you!

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Can you adjust the stepover in easel?

The bit is brand new :slight_smile:

I just made two tests.

Test 1: 80 mm horizontal line.

The cut groove measures 5.90mm

Test 2: 20x20mm square, cut outside

The cut square measures 19.60Wx19.80H

I know by a fact that the cutter IS smaller than the shaft, but how can I calculate how smaller it is?

You don’t need to, just put in 5.9mm as the bit diameter.

Then consider calibrating your steps per mm.

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How is this performed?

Will it apply to Easel?

Yes it does apply to easel.

Hope it will help in choosing your milling bit :-

I corrected to flute diameter to 5.90 and tried to cut it in Kiri:Moto

Hmm it looks horrible.

Ahhh, I Think my cutting depth and RPM was too much then.

Will try with this:

Feedrate 1200
Step over 40%
Step down 1.5
Plunge 200
RPM 12000

Router is makita rt0700c and its the Kyocera 1-flute cutter.

Not yet, but will try your suggestions on the HDPE.

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