X-carve it works ahahaha, well sorta

After many attempts at carving a photo with a ‘v’ bit I finally was successful with a ‘test’ carve!


You missed the edge again. :grinning:
You may want to do all this things on 1/2" MDF. Cheaper and lot better results. Especially V-Carving loves to eat MDF.

Yes, I know, the test file was set up for a wider board than what I had, not a problem as this was only a ‘test’ to see if it would cut the way I wanted it to and it did that. No I will not use ‘mdf’ as I hate that stuff. Makes way too much of a mess for me to use indoors and I absolutely hate the fine dust it creates. Learned my lesson while building my router cabinet and swore I would never use it again! Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

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Congrats! I think that was the “Big Ben” demo image that comes with PhotoVCarve, but I probably had it set to something like 8"x8" or so. Really glad you’re starting to see some positive results!

Now if I can just upload that photo of my wife and carve it. Will try tomorrow or monday.

Yes it is a mess, I didn’t think about that.