X carve keeps cutting through my work

I am new to x carve and I tried to make a sign but it keeps cutting through my letters please help

Can you share your project or at least screenshots of it?

Need more imput…

Check and verify:

  • When you jog Z up 1" is the actual travel 1"?
  • Jogging Z up and down many times, do Z miss “direction” on occation?
  • Jogging Z up and down many times, do you occationally hear a brief grinding sound?
  • Do you set work zero at the surface board or at the top of your material to be carved?
  • Do you use Easel as design enviroment, or use other CAD-programs?

Yes I use easel and I set 0 on the work piece

File–>Share–>Share with Link–>Save

We need to see your Easel file to better understand what’s happening. In Easel, go to File, select Share, then select “Share with link” and click Save. Then post the link to your Easel file here in this thread.