X-Carve Keeps Skipping Steps

Ive had the X-Carve for about a year now (have not upgraded to the newer parts), and have only been using it a lot these last couple of weeks. Ive been trying to CNC a simple 12mm equilateral triangle out of 1/4in acrylic. Running it at a speed of 60in/min. with the Dewalt router at setting 4. I successful CNC’d two but then after trying to CNC another the machine started skipping steps. I recalibrated the machine’s potentiometer, tightened the belts and further more reconnected al the wiring. I saw that the V-wheels were coming loose on the y and x axis so I tightened them up. I tightened all the screws bolt, everything and double checked again. After all this I decided it was time to try to CNC again. I was able to CNC one triangle before it started skipping steps again. I’ve been constantly reading
trying to fix it, but i just seem to be getting nowhere. Please help!!!

…And blue Loctite!

Set screws are tight. One had fallen out earlier and I made sure to check the before every carve.

Blue Loctite are secure and fastened. Still slipping.

Try running a test carve of something like stair steps, see if you can isolate which axis is causing the skip.
Reduce linear speed by 1/6 (50in/min) and run again. You can also increase your spindle RPM. (Make only one change at a time)

Disconnect the belts (and motors) and see if it slides without binding. It’s an art to get it tight, but not too tight.

In my experience, I have not ran anything above 50 in/min, but with my single speed and a dbbl spiral upcut, I get pretty close. I’ve read somewhere on here the x-carve is good up to 100 in/min (but don’t quote me!).

Search for “Chip load” on the forums to read about the math.

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Thank you!!! I’ve always been scared of going below setting 3.5 and decided I might as well it. In the end it was due to dull bit and trying to cut too much material at once!

Running it at 80in/min and working excellently! Thank you for suggesting the “Chip Load” topic search it up and finally fixed all my problems! Thanks very much!!!

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Glad to help!
When I first tried cutting acrylic I was getting too much swarf and unclean cuts. Even snapped a bit once. My single-speed router wasn’t cutting deep enough to disperse the heat. Sped up the travel and couldn’t believe the results.

I love this community! I would have thrown the whole thing out if it wasn’t for them.