X-Carve kit without rails and waste board

I am interested in a kit without rails (get them here in Europe) and waste board (make one myself). I can order such a kit as an upgrade to a Shapeoko 2, but as as soon as I change that to “X-Carve Core Components” it is no longer possible to include wiring and drag chain kits. What to do?

Why not order from Amber Spyglass in the U.K.?

Hi @WernerMrazek I was able to add the wiring and drag chains in that situation. Try refreshing the page. We also have a UK distributor for X-Cave called RoboSavvy.

Well, if I select “X-Carve Core Components” and then select “None” in the “Machine Size” section to deselect the rails, then the only option that remains in the “Wiring” and “Drag Chain” sections is “None”. On the other hand, if I select the “Shapeoko 2 Upgrade Kit” it is still possible to select wiring and drag chain kits after deselecting the rails. I have tried this in all three main sections (Shapeoko 2 Upgrade, Basic Kit, Fully loaded).

@WernerMrazek if you upgrade from Shapeoko 2 then you won’t get all the vwheels and pulleys. Do you already have those?

you can order the drag chain and wiring and anything else separately on the inventables website. you’ll just need to know what lengths to get