X-Carve Lifespan: How long will belts/wheels last?

I’m trying to forecast a replacement schedule for erodable parts. Has anyone had to replace the belts and or wheels? I’d like to get a feel for the approximate lifetime I can expect from parts.

Regarding (stock) belts, don’t expect too much. That’s one of the reasons why the 9mm belt upgrade is so popular. It’s a wider belt with less issues.

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I’ve had my stock belts for 14 months, still going strong.

It appears to me that Inventables got a bad batch of belts from, most likely China.

My stock belts from June 2016 were just fine when I swapped them out for the 3rd gen GT belts (real Gates belt) and I drove my other belts pretty hard.

I bought these:

Same pitch, same width but the thickness and “feel” of them is SO much better than the stock belts. I think I’d be hard pressed to break the belts. Inventables was selling the GT2 belt at $1.99/ft. The belt from Royal is $1.64/ft. I bought 5 of those 1164mm lengths so I’d have 2 spares (they are a loop, just cut it and it works). There is maybe 1-2" of left over belt after trimming.


I have the stock belts now for about a year and a half with no problems

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I also have the stock belts - going on 10 months now with a lot of hours run time and no issues at all. I did purchase an extra set just in case, but no need as yet. I am pretty picky with my work area though, I do a thorough cleanup of all areas after a project.

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im about to go to the 9mm upgrade.
i’d hate to lose a job due to a belt failure.

from what i’ve seen on the forum it is more common than i’d like to see
small price to pay for a little peace of mind.

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Cleanup is key. I do regular cleaning and use my own checklist for maintenance

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My x axis broke last night mid project. Ruined a $200 project. I’ve had it 16 months. Had to replace the brushes at about 12 months.

I have the same belts for over three years with no problems. The brushes are replaced every 150 to 200 hours. I keep a log of the time. Welcome to the community

46 months on stock belts, wheels, motors, still going strong.

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Just broke the closed loop belt on the dewalt 611. Inventables is out of stock. Can I upgrade the belt from the 2GT 6mm 180 teeth without changing a thing? If so what are the recommendations and from where? I should by a spare length for the long axis’ as well