X-carve Malfunction

Why does my x-carve do this? It cuts much deeper than the setting I put it on. It also makes a nasty line on the wood surface when returning to the home position after a carve. What am I doing wrong? Someone please help!!! It’s driving me mad!!


Very little information to go on, but if I were to make a guess I’d say something is loose on you Z-stepper mechanics. Or stalled Z-stepper or one Z-wire with poor contact making the Z not retract properly when carving.

Also check that the bit do not slip inside the collett.


Sometimes, when I try to manually raise the z-axis it doesn’t work initially. But after a few tries then it finally goes up. I guessing that is the same thing that’s happening when it’s carving, sometimes the z-axis won’t raise and it leaves unwanted scratches on the surface or sometimes it cuts too deep.

That’s the same problem, if it doesn’t move when you first try to jog it I’d suspect a poor connection for your z axis motor, check those wires first,. If the jogging works smoothly then test out the cut without any material and keep an eye on the up and down (z) movements.
Even if you can’t see any obvious problems with the Z wiring it still wouldn’t hurt to redo the connections. Good luck.

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Another simple thing to check is the setscrews on the Z pulleys.