X-Carve meet Suckit

Got my Suckit today … Hooked my HF Dust Collector to the 4" adapter and my dust chasing days are ovah…

(Now I can drink a coffee without risk of floaty little bits in it … :slight_smile: )

Thanks for stopping by … as you were…


I got the same Suckit setup. Works well and very happy with it.

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One thing that is really cool about it is that with a slight adjustment it will work with the smaller spindle too.
I have one and thought I was doomed and then noticed 2 bolts on the side and went. Doh they really thought it through and after adjustment it fits!
:slight_smile: really happy with it.
Now I just need to update the bristles so they are logner and softer. They are a bit too stiff and too short for my needs. I sometimes have to leave it up where the brush doesn’t touch the surface. :confused: