X-carve + Mod Podge lettering

Another completed project thread. This one came out much better than my epoxy sign project. Unfortunately, I wasn’t smart enough to take photos of anything except the finished product.

My wife wanted some letters on decorative backer board to hang above the crib in the nursery. She had seen some ideas on Pinterest (the bane of my existence!!) where people used Mod Podge to glue colorful paper onto wood and created designs with it.

So, she dragged me to the local craft store where we pined over cardstock pattern combinations for a couple hours.

For the backer board, I got some 1x10s from the local big-box store and cut them down to 9x7 for the backs, and then 5x7 for the middle board. I then resawed the 5x7s in half and planed them smooth (~ 1/4 inch thick).

To seal the boards, I painted them with white acrylic paint.

While I was in the shop, Beth cut the paper to 9x7 and 5x7 respectively, and then we “glued” the paper to the boards with Mod Podge. We also put a coat of Mod Podge on top of the paper as a “finish”.

This is where the x-carve came in. Again I resawed down some 1x pine boards to ~1/4" and planed them smooth. Then I cut out letters for our daughter-to-be’s name using the x-carve. This really could have been done on a scroll saw, but it was fun to use the x-carve and it made the letters come out about as perfect as you could ask for.I painted the letters white (the Acrylic didn’t look good, so I used latex paint in semi-gloss).

The last step in the process was just to glue everything together. I also used 18ga brad nails to hold the 5x7 to the 9x7 boards. I just was sure to place the nails in spots that would be covered by the letters when I glued them down.

The end result is a really fun design for putting a name on a wall. I will warn you though, this took FOREVER, as you had to wait for everything to dry and the paint took several coats at each item. Let’s just say this isn’t a project to start right before the due date for your child. I think it was worth it though. Here are some photos of the finished product (I’ll follow up with another photo after I hang them on the wall).


That looks very nice.

Thanks Eric,

Here’s a quick update. I finally got around to putting these on the wall this evening. Here’s a photo of the complete and installed project.


Looks fantastic!

That looks terrific :smile:

I love this-- Beautiful project & nursery! I want to attempt something similar.

I also had to laugh with the pinterest comment, Im sure my husband feels the same way lol

Thank you Elyse.

I wasn’t kidding about Pinterest. It’s dangerous stuff.

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