X carve not connecting to my pic and windows 10

Hi, I’m Deano from Leeds. Just wondered if anyone can help me. I’ve got an x carve 1000mm I’ve recently changed from a laptop to desk top due to a water leak in my work shop.

For some reason I can’t get my x carve to be recognised by my pic it’s windows 10 and the software is easel I’m trying to set up. As far as I’m aware I’ve got all the correct down loads, drivers arduino uno etc. But when I plug the USB in nothing happens. I’m upto the plug your USB and x carve in stage, but can’t get any further. Nothing happens. I was using wifi on my lap top from my hub then a USB to my x carve. Could it be that my desk top needs to be hard wired to the internet?

Any ideas much appreciated

Cheers Dean

After you plug the X-carve into your USB port, does it show up in the device manager?

Hi, yes it is in device manager/ports as com3. But when easel asks me to plug in the x carve nothing happens. Under my computer nothing shows in removable devices.

Could it be that I’m trying to use WiFi and I’m not hard wired to the internet router? It worked on my laptop.

Thanks for your reply

Do you know how to use the Arduino IDE serial monitor?

I’ve just had a quick look and I’ve found a step by step guid to it.

I will give it a go and let you know.

Thanks for you help

USB3.0 or USB2.0?

FTID Driver needed?