X-Carve not cutting all of the way through plywood

I am using .5 inch plywood and am attempting to cut. I got the machine set up yesterday but have tried multiple cuts and the machine has never cut completely through the board. I feel helpless and am close to giving up on the machine. Does anyone have any advice?

Hey there,
Just curious are you using the measurement of the wood that they state, or are you doing actual measurement of the wood. I had a similar problem because I was using what the wood stated and once I did actual measurement it got a lot better.

I find a lot of variability in plywood thickness now that I have an x carve. Nothing you would notice if building a shed, of course … but enough to throw off carves.

Assuming the spoil board is exactly level relative to Z-height (a skim cut of the spoil board may be needed to achieve that):

  • Say material you want to carve is 1/2"
  • Jog your bit down to the spoil board surface, so that it touch it. Now jog back up the material thickness + a minor extra distance, say 1/16". Set Z zero at this level.
  • Set material thickness/total cut depth = 1/2" + 1/16"

This will ensure that Z travel the required depth to cut through, if it still dont then that disprepancy is due to machine / flex in Z direction.

What bit are you using?
Is it capable of cutting 1/2 deep?

I thought I was having accuracy issues with my machine for the last 2 weeks until I made a discovery Friday… I always get an exact measurement of thickness but didn’t ever measure the materials that I bought from inventables with my machine. I always assumed that what I bought was what I got, but I Finally measured one (and later the screwed up pieces from earlier) and found each piece to be short by between 1/8" and 3/16" wide and long. Maybe buying materials is more similar to dimensional lumber. Or maybe its just the kerf of whatever it was cut with. Regardless, lesson learned