X-Carve not cutting at 100% scale after X-Carve Z Axis update

I have recently updated my pre-2021 x-carve (1000mm with Dewalt) with the X-Carve Upgrade Kit. ( New Z-Axis, risers etc. ). Belts were not replaced.
Since the update, my projects are not cutting at 100% scale. The project is about 60% scale.
• I did update the firmware.
• Deleted the X-Carve and re-loaded it a few times.
• Each time reloading the machine X, Y and Z run backwards and I opt to have the software correct the direction.

Any suggestions to correct the scale issue?

You’re selecting the incorrect upgrades or year model xcarve when doing the new machine setup.
This results in the x y axis calibration being altered to the incorrect values and a 0.65% size of carve.

You can either redo the machine setup and dejected the prenov 2021 xcarve and then select the correct upgrades.

Or you can do the settings update manually per this list and the link to the upgrade settings change as applicable