X carve not cutting true

Hi I recently purchased an x carve. I have been using for the last week or so just doing some trialling and testing and trying to find my feet with it. I have noticed that when it is machining a circle or an arc the circle and arc is not smooth every sort of inch or less depending on the diameter there is a small point on the cut face. I hope I have explained this so it makes sense. Sorry I am using an up cut cutter which is a 1/4” diameter bit. My x carve is the 1000mm one with x controller and a DeWalt 611 spindle.



Are you using Easel, or some other cad/cam software to do your carves? If you’re using Easel, can you please share your project with us? Also, it would be really helpful if you posted a photo showing an example of the problem you’re having.

To share an Easel project, go to File > Share > select Shared With Link > Save, then paste the link to your project in this thread.

It all boils down to lack of rigidity, and Easel not supporting lead-in/lead-out.

During plunge/retraction no (very little) sideway force is excerted but once it start carving there is a considerable sideway force pushing the bit away, opposite cutting direction. This will cause a minute deflection and will appear like a “dimple” at the plunge point.

hi Kimberly

I am using easel but i use auto cad also and this particular project was drawn on auto cad and then imported as a dxf file into easel. I have attache

d a couple of photos of an arc and of a circle which I carved.

this is the link to the project on easel.

thanks for your help I hope the link and photos work ok.


hi when you say lack of rigidity do you mean in the z axis or the spindle or both. would plunging less each pass make a difference. I am currently plunging 2mm each time. thanks for your help.

The machine as a whole, any “give” in the system will manifest itself at the tip of the bit.
Having said that, not one machine is 100% rigid. Maximize what you have.

Regarding the “creasing” of the circle, this is due to Xcarve dont support arc commands, it split a larger radius into smaller straight sections.
What governs the length of this straight line is defined OR/AND in CAM / GRBL parameter.

For instance, in Fusion360, roughing operations have a coarser arc tolerance than finish operations.

If you zoom in on the circle in Easel you can see the points. If you were to create a circle in Easel it would cut smooth.


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Hi Russell

I thought that it might have been because I imported it. So I did just a circle on easel and the circle was elongated very slightly. But I think this might be down to what Haldor had mentioned in his previous message about a lack of rigidity . I will have a look at stabilising the machine and reducing the amount I plunge at a time and see if that helps. Can I do something on cad to stop the segmented arcs and circles or is there another program available to connect the x carve to .


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Hi Jamie,
I’m kinda new myself to CNC, I don’t know anything about CAD programs, I use CorelDraw and Illustrator. Some people on here use Inkscape then save it as an SVG, then import it to Easel. Look up PawPaw videos and he has some on this.

If you use cam software to produce your toolpaths, you can send them directly to the xcarve using a gcode sender (I use UGS). This bypasses any issues withEasel, and it also opens up 3d carve potential.

Hi guys thanks for all your input I will do some more testing and trialing with different ideas and some different software



Give this a try, I set it up in Corel, saved it as an SVG then imported it into Easel.
The circle wasn’t round so that was one of the problems that you were having.
Let me know if it works out for you. Good Luck

sound like your belts are lose.plywood is a grabbie wood, the plys are headed in several directions. reduce your speed,rate of cut depth and use a smailer bit. if this doen’t work write back.

Thanks Michael I will give it a try I will tension the belts a bit more I was hesitant to tighten the belts too much when i was putting the machine together.


Use a scale and aim for about 3,5lbs of force to lift the belt 1" upwards at the middle.

Thanks haldor