X-carve - offset carving

I just put together my Xcarve and went through a quick test. The test image looked fine…but a few days when I tried a new job it all went offset. I noticed one belt was loose but I was able to re-tighten.

I was carving out the mushroom image…and after each pass it became increasing offset on the Y axis. It also makes what I would call groaning noises when moving along the Y axis. Im wondering if maybe I don’t have the Y maker slides squared up or if ny belts are too tight. It’s hard to judge these things based off the videos. Any recommendations are welcome, as my frustration is growing.


Have you increased the voltage for the y-axis on your gshield yet? Since the shield is driving two motors on the y, turning up the voltage a bit helps a lot with issues like this, especially ones that manifest only in the y-direction.

I will try that. What about the groaning noises around certain areas of the maker slide? Any ideas there?

Measure your diagonals and see if they’re the same. There’s an old post I put up about how to adjust your machine if the measurements don’t match. Also check to make sure that your v-wheels/eccentrics nuts aren’t too tight, that was the final tuning step that helped me out.