X Carve on drawer slides?

Has anyone built a slide out work space for their X Carve? My workshop has very limited space, and the only place I can think to put it is under a workbench. I know 48" drawer slides are expensive, but is there another way I’m not thinking of? Is this stable? Or would there be too much movement when the X Carve was running? Any other issues I need to consider?

Idk your exact situation but if you can build a bench that’s shorter that you could put on caster and slide it under that’s if there’s nothing underneath your main bench but I don’t think casters could support it

Maybe if you built legs or something to support the table once it’s slid out then it might be sufficient. Fold up lockable legs or something. That’s a lot of mass to put on the slides cantilevered out like that. It’d probably wear out the slides and potentially tip over the workbench as well.

Yea idk if you have any wall space I made a fold up table that when folded up stinks about 18inches from the wall I drilled holes through the wasteboard and bolted it directly to the table

you can try to engineer something like this. Those things have crazy movement.