X Carve on rifle parts

Has anyone used their X Carve to engrave/carve things on gun parts like the lower receiver? I had someone ask me about doing it for them and I am not sure.

sorry @PhilJohnson but that is not true.
I did my AR and used Bcnc auto-level feature to map out the area before carving, used a V-Bit and it worked great, now I have my family crest on the magwell. worked great and looks great.


@MarkDehart google some videos on Bcnc auto-level and see how it works, it is not to bad to learn to set-up and when you get the hang of it, it works great. I just got a piece of scrap aluminum from the junk yard and run a few practice runs to make sure that I had all the kinks worked out and that it measured correct before doing the real thing. you will only get one chance to get it right on the lower.


it is a sender program that use’s GRBL so you have no need to flash or even change your GRBL settings.

here is the link to the program https://github.com/vlachoudis/bCNC/wiki

here is a direct link to the autolevel feature https://github.com/vlachoudis/bCNC/wiki/AutoLevel

I like that it is a local install like UGS and it has so many more features.