X-carve or Carvey? for hardwoods

Hello everyone!
I am considering buying X-carve or Carvey. I have read and watched quite a lot regarding both, so I know what the main differences are. However, I have no idea about which one would be more suitable for my needs. I am planning to mill/cut mainly hardwoods such as walnut, maple (and maybe beech) in thicknesses up to 5-6 mm (possibly more). I would like to make wooden jewelry, so the size of the cutting area is not an issue.
I am aware that both machines shouldn’t have any issues milling/cutting these but at what feed rates and depths per pass? I don’t want to wait half an hour just to cut a square 40x40 mm.
I used to have a small CNC machine which was very under powered for hardwoods and it took forever to cut something because the feed rate had to be around 150mm/min or less in order to cut walnut (DPP = 0.4mm). That was too slow for me and I have sold the machine. Now I would like to try something more powerful.
My question is: is Carvey powerfull enough to handle hardwoods at moderate feed rates or should I rather go for the X-carve?

Thanks in advance :wink: