X-Carve or Grblshield ? on picture

Hi, I wanted to ask for help in recognizing my CNC controller. Photo from Google. Easel asks about Machine type: X-Carve, Shapeoko or Other GRBL. Which one should I choose? I chose X-Carve so far, does it matter? Some time I have a problem with V-cut depth and looking for a reason. I also wanted to know if it is necessary to download new drivers? do they download automatically with EASEL download?



You can consider that an X-Carve for setup purposes. It is the controller that the X-Carve came with prior to the X-Controller. I would make sure that the firmware on it is up to date as well; Easel should prompt you to update the firmware if it is old. The drivers for Easel should update automatically or prompt you for updating if required.


Brandon Parker

Techincally you could choose any one of those as they all share the core GRBL engine. Some GRBL paramaters may be different between the three so choosing the Xcarve would be the correct choice.

GRBL parameters are for your machine, so an Xcarve using the older gshield or the newer Xcontroller should have the same GRBL settings.