X carve or ox cnc

i am peter 29 from belguim.
sorry for the bad english its been a while sinds i typed something in english.

So i am thinking of buying a cnc router.
I saw the x carve but also the ox cnc.
What are the benefits of a x carve that a ox cnc do’s not have.
which is more accurate stronger etc?

And if you could choose beween an x carve or a ox cnc what would u Take and why?

i would need a cnc router to make cabines sides ,cabinet doors ,jigs etc.
i also have a question can i program easel to make line drilling for shelf pins like ikea ?

thanks i

When I bought my ShapeOko2 I compared it to the Routy from Openbuilds. The Makerslide have the guide rail on the edge, the open builds in the middle. The wheels on Makerslide have lesser overhang than openbuilds and therefore stronger. The inventor of Makerslide Bart Dring is with Inventables so I decided that Inventables was the better choice.

After several upgrades the machine is getting better and better and my knowledge has grown with the machine.

This forum is one of the best, when you read throught the posts you will see that the learning curve of CNC is sometimes hard but as long as you keep trying the community will give you advice. And most of the posts end with Solved.

For that alone I would vote for X-Carve.


Where are you from?
I live in Izegem.

I have no experience with the OX but I think it will be very expensive to import if there is no eu supplier.

i am from ranst
and i think u can order the ox on this site ist in france

the only thing that i like a bit more with the ox is the very heavy aluminum rails
with the x carve they don’t look very strong and solid i am a little woried that the gantry wil sag and there will be a lot more vibration


the profiles of the ox do look more heavy duty.

Sorry I can’t be of much help, i can only speak from experience with my heavily modded shapeoko2.
what I can say is that the official and forum support is second to none here at inventables.

Right now, there is next to no experience outside of Inventables themselves of the actual effect of all the changes for the new X-Carve. Everyone is basing their experience of the current product and projecting their expectations on that. When the X-Carve was first launched, things like the 24V spindle and the eccentric nuts were improvements over the Shapeoko 2 , but have no been dropped, so I would take any comments about the improvements in the new version as a pinch of salt until the market has had a chance to evaluate them.

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Take a closer look to the openbuilds alumium structure, the wheels run on a horizontal section of aluminum, the makerslide profile supports the rails on a vertical section of aluminum.

The resistance to bending of a profile: I = (width * height^3)/12 mm^4

A standard Makerslide has a resistance to bending of 5.068 in vertical direction and 1.391 in horizontal direction
With a 4x40mm aluminum strip bolted 2 makerslides together this increases to 12.266 and 7.412
The new beam (estimated size) 44x40x4 is 13.636 vertically and 15.952 in horizontal direction

That is why the X-Carve is superior to the Ox.

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That is a tricky question as I have not seen a OX in person enough to make a good comparison.

When I got my X Carve there was not a locally available OX kit. I decided to go with the X Carve kit and do not regret that.
But now there is a locally available OX kit.
I think that the OX gantry is stiffer that the old X Carve 2 part gantry.
But the new upgraded X Carve address many of the issues that it has so I think it is a much closer comparison than it was before. It would be hard to make a call without putting both machines to some testing.

I think for you shipping and availability may be a bigger concern. Purchasing a kit from a more locally available manufacture may be less of a hassle regardless of what design you go with.

i can order the x carve direct or from a company in the uk.
the only point that i have is this ,
what if a belt or a motor breaks down?
where can i get the parts fast or are they universal parts?
then mayby i can find them here but other whise it going to cost me a lot of money everytime to get parts ship to belguim an also the time

The belts and steppers are off the shelf components and fairly easy to get.

There are suppliers in europe selling components, amberspyglass.co.uk sells a kit called eShapeOko for which he paid royalties in the past, in germany you find myhobby-cnc.de selling cloned products. Inventables creates value by taking away worries, e.g. the motors with integrated pulleys will prevent slipping, on the open spare part market you will find stepper motors and pulleys so if you can live with making a flat spot on the shaft and a drop of locktite the replacement can be bought locally.

Keep in mind everyone here has a heavily nodded machine that they have built to their liking. So unless your really good at putting things together and tweaking things to the way you like xcarve is not a route I would take again.

Most of the mods that people have made are now part of the machine.

Minus one of the most important mods for a sturdier table and one that isn’t going to warp due to humidity


the mdf table yes

You mean the waste board. An MDF waste board is typical of most CNC machines. Even $30K ones.

Yes they tho sit on a solid flat surface this one here sits really has no support in the middle

In addition to being one piece the new wide MakerSlide has thicker walls and the ribs were removed.

Well yea that’s alot of help also. I’m saying for under the mdf board those of us in alot more humid climate that board lasted about a month with where I’m at. I ended doing what Phil Johnson did and went with an aluminum board and mdf slats and the t tracks so far I haven’t really had an issue besides always messing with the potentiometers and the fact I have to straighten things out. The overall idea of the machine is great especially someone looking to tinker and tweak things to thier own liking which is great I guess I was expecting more of out of the box put it together and let’s go and not have to spend another 4-500 bucks in upgrading it and having my machine down while it’s happening. I also have a piranha and only had some minor issues with the laptop control panel and the power cord. I don’t have to tweak it or do anything else to it. The xcarve I have to baby it 100% of the time to make sure it does what it’s suppose to do.