X-carve out on the road!

so anyone take their x-carve out on the road to like tradeshows and had a mini shop to take with them. me and my wife are sick of being stuck in any one state so we have decided by mid next year we are going to buy a camper and an enclosed trailer for my 2 machines and lasers. anyone ever do this before if so you have any advice? please chime in I want to visit all the states and maybe meet up with some fellow carvers out there.


Sounds awesome. I would have a slight concern if the machines are in a trailer and someone is walking around. Would be good to test out. If the bouncing of the trailer was an issue a few simple jacks to stabilize it could quickly solve it. Sounds like a fun idea.

Another option would be a drop frame trialer like those used for fish houses. Get to a location pull the pins drop that baby on the ground, maybe with a shim on a corner if needed and go to town. No stepping up into a trailer and solid as the groung you set it on.

I did entertain the idea of setting up the XC at our local county fair last week and making custom signs, but work schedules ended up conflicting and i couldn’t make it happen.

To move mine, at least locally I would move the machine and table as a unit, the whole kit-n-kaboodle. this way I dont need to worry about re squaring a flat table top etc.

I haven’t hear of a drop frame trailer before ill have to look into those. I’m going to leave it all in one piece table and all I’m just wondering if the table or anything else will fall apart over the bumpy roads I’m upgrading all the things I can and I’m looking into the an enclosure for it also. is heat going to be a factor cause I know it will get hot in there.

here ya go…

I wonder if you can buy a trailer and put that on there. that is pretty cool. kind of makes it extremely hard to just hitch up and go

You can unhitch from the tow vehicle and have it still up on the wheels. It seems that every third house in these parts has an ice castle fishhouse or some other brand and they are on the wheels as much as down on the ground without being hitched.

I think the frame itself can be purchased and you can build your own enclosure or possibly have just a shell on frame that you complete the interior on.

that’s definitely something to look into I really like that idea

to save space the router can be mount on the wall.

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That’s what I like to see how do you have your xcarve bolted down

Airstream Office and Workshop

6 x 24

The airstream trailers just don’t do it for me