X-Carve owners in Chicago?

Hey everyone,

Are there any X-Carve owners in Chicago that have time for a special surprise? You need to be in Chicago so we can come over to the place you have your X-Carve.

The only criteria is you need to be able to keep it confidential. You can respond to this thread.



Well I think it’s time to move from Canada to Chicago!

Our Post Office just closed. An unincorporated town with only a couple residents. Will be glad to rename it Chicago if that helps.

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If you want to come down and get some sun in Florida your more then welcome! lol

Wow we can consider renaming your city @rpegg we have a very innovative community on this forum. @Rusty maybe we can just annex Wisconsin?

I’ll rephrase is anyone within 50 miles from 60607?

@Daniel it snowed yesterday so I’m considering relocating Inventables to Miami.

Come to Augusta, Georgia. We have the Master’s Golf Tournament this week…80 degrees and sunny…Just beautiful :slight_smile:

@Zach_Kaplan Im over by tampa but its a short Plane flight and only a 4 hour drive! lol

I’m in the Tampa area too… and I guarantee that office space is cheaper here.

Ah so close, Montana would be better! Just a 5 hours drive to the border!

I’m excited to hear what the surprise is!

I’m just 50 miles south of Chicago, I’m game, as long as you can excuse the mess in my shop…

Here in sunny and warm Chicago ! Haha Cold raining and snow in forecast ! And only 20 miles west of downtown !

I thought everyone from Augusta left during the masters. My dad lived in Aiken for 20 years.

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I’v never wanted to live in Chicago, And have no regrets moving out of the Twin Cities (Minnesota) to the frozen northlands,

Until now…

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Normally I do leave…this year the wife had to work, so I stayed.

I am a couple of hours north of Chicago, in central WI. I’m game if you are willing to travel just a little further.


How about 53158? Right on the IL border along I-94. My “shop” consists only of a butcher block table in my office so not much to look at…

60585 here. Plainfield, IL. Straight shot down 55. Think I’m less than 50 miles. Only took me 35 minutes to get there when I picked mine up.

A big secret!

Involving x carve owners in their personal shops…

WTH is Zach up to???

I’m thinking he’s going to bring us a full size 8’ x 4’ Laguna CNC just to show us how much better the XCarve is. Or maybe a photo shoot with the new sponsor of the XCarve, the Swedish Bikini Team…

I’m good with the latter Zach, really, I don’t need the Laguna :slight_smile: