X carve plasma cutting test #2

Well i gotta start somewhere.

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Making progress but you need lead in for plasma if you want perfect circles a program like sheetcam is very helpfull

Yeah i fully understand the aspect of the lead in just have not got around to getting what i need. the computer needs to be tore down for upgrades and os reinstalled so i have not bothered putting any software on it. so my main focus has been learning settings for materials and machine mods.

This is my ultimate goal I think with the X-carve. I originally started out running a plasma table but I didn’t have the space or funds to get a big table.

Your system looks pretty close! Needs more speed!

The plasma cutter i have is a 15 amp pretty light duty. After more testing i can cut this thickness at 10ipm and keep a clean cut. I can also cut faster using fusion 360 because of the ability of a lead in cut. With out the lead in cut a slower pass is needed to get the cut started. If all goes well later this year i plan on buying a 50 amp plasma cutter. But at the moment i am doing test to check for high frequency interference on the machine and place shielding and grounding where needed. I assume a larger plasma cutter may cause issues with the computers and machine. but after cutting .25 inch steel on the xcarve with the dewalt witch took 4 hours i am well pleased with the plasma cutter witch took less than 4 minutes for the same part. As a note to anyone trying this if you are going to leave the waste board in place leave a airgap between the plasma table and waste board or use a good insulator.

just make sure you use pilot arc start torch


I need help regarding Relay I want connect it to Z axis for plasma trigger on off signal for cutting.
in this method I want used pilot arc torch. this method will do cuts without touching the material.

what I want to do I don’t want Z movement just want X and Y movement in gcode and Z goes to trigger
via. relay (plasma source connect with relay)
I need to wiring plasma trigger with Z axis when down should be torch on when lift up should be off
I seen on youtube one person doing like this but not get wiring and what gcode used.
for this method maybe I need post processor?


@PhilJohnson this could be great Idea. I am also want plasma tip should not touch to material. it could be benefit for clean edge cutting and smooth results and tip also works longtime.

spring method do work with pilot arc plasma it will generate plasma when z axis down to cut . this means spring connect to trigger button?
I am something not get all can explain me any drawing will helps me.