X carve plunges from the start of the carve

Ok I have been using the X Carve for about a week. Then today my son was messing my x carve. (Yes we had a talk) he is 16 and knows everything lol. Well I set up to do a carve and now right from the home position the bit plunges in and cuts a path to the the cut area and breaks the bit. Anyone have an idea what he changed in my settings?

My son said he had been trying to set the prob up. And up until today I have had no issues​ with the machine.

I’ll have to find it for you, but I was looking at grbl start up settings. Maybe that has to do with it.

particular areas of interest might be $N,
$RST=$, $RST=#, and $RST=*- Restore Grbl settings and data to defaults

hope this helps. doing a reset will get things back to the way it all started, then you can go from there.

I have tried resetting its still doing it.

Have you tried different gcode, or only one? I’ve been guilty of setting my zero I’m the software on the bottom or top and setting it for the opposite on the machine.

Another thought, not sure how it works in easel (assuming you’re using that) but maybe he entered imperial values rather than metric. Or vice versa. I’m referring to any settings for the touch probe.

I’m using easel not sure how to do that

After I put my kids to bed I’ll look at it and come up with some theories.

Someone else with easel experience will hopefully chime in, in the meantime.

looks like, when you’re going to carve in easel, in the walk through, you set it up. So where it ask if you want to probe, this is where the values need to be adjusted. Pay attention if it’s in inch or mm (cant remember if there’s an option)

the other thing to pay attention to, is where the zero is on the software side and make sure it’s the same on the hardware side.

another test to do… before anything above, is make something quick and simple (a square or circle) and manually zero the bit (use the paper method so its just kissing the top of your material). If after this, it’s still having the issue… then we know it’s not related to the probe.

In to mm switching is in the bottom left corner of the main Easel window. It’s a slider

I fixed it. Scary thing is I have no idea how i fixed but it’s carving just fine now .

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I want to thank you all for the help. What a great community that I can jump on here and with in minuets I have people helping me. Again thank you all!!

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Lol, hopefully the problem doesn’t show up again. Glad you’re back up and running!